The Parents

Madonna 8/25/19
Brunomars 7/26/17

Customer Review

William is a very communicative breeder. I felt great bringing home one of his puppies and still keep in touch with him now. We love our Doberman.
Bridgette  3/24/22
I received my Doberman, Boston, through Exquisite Dobermans & she is quite the perfect companion. We met with William for well over an hour on the day we got her as she got acclimated to us and he showed us his other dogs as well as the expansive dog run they have to run around and play. We also met Boston's parents who are gorgeous and amazingly cared for. Boston has a great temperament , very energetic & athletic, super loving and is in perfect health! I can't wait to go back to get a sibling for her soon!
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Ryan Otero 3/24/23
I must thank you for such an amazing pup. I am honestly learning a lot about myself. He is making me a better human being in general.
Arthur  3/26/22
Our Red Dobe Bruno is a handsome, smart, fearless, affectionate 7 month old pup who gets along beautifully with other dogs and humans, including kids. Before we brought him home at 8 weeks of age, Bill sent us video updates and other communications on a regular basis, patiently and clearly addressing a range of questions and concerns from my husband and me. I highly recommend working with him. 
Maureen  3/26/22